Academic Achievements

Curriculum Focus

The real essence of curriculum design and delivery is to make students highly innovative & adaptive to become congruent to the industry requirements.

At LKCE, the emphasis is laid on enhancing conceptual knowledge, building analytical reasoning, improving communication etiquettes and nurturing problem solving skills among the students. The curriculum focuses on teaching & understanding latest technologies and other technical competencies in the various disciplines of engineering to prepare our students to successfully perform in the industry or to become successful entrepreneurs.

The Institute endeavour to tie up with ISTE, IEEE, ACM, etc. for further enrichment of practical inputs among students.

Teaching Methodology

At LKCE, our endeavour is to provide in-depth learning of the course contents through the use of audio visual equipments, practicals, demonstrations, projects, workshop jobs, assignments, simulations, research based projects and presentations by students. These innovative teaching techniques create a collaborative learning environment and builds stronger student-teacher relationship which provides a congenial knowledge sharing atmosphere.

Quote: Classroom teaching is based on Content, Utility Value and New Developments. We inspire our students to develop their full potential. Students are given more industrial and practical examples to reinforce theory in the classroom.

Personality Enhancement

Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. It is an amalgamation of one's behavior, attitude and communication skills. At LKCE, we strongly believe that these traits contribute a lot towards the holistic growth and development of students, as it is our responsibility to give our students the opportunity to enhance their personality traits to make them elevate their personality.

Experiential Learning

Students' learning is excellent, when their knowledge precipitates through transformation of theoretical understandings into practical learning experiences of their own; as it is blended with hands on experience on whatever we read & learn. With this objective, our students are exposed to the activities like Simulation Exercises, Live Projects, Web Based Learning Activities, Design / Development of IT Projects, Setting-up of Entrepreneurial Ventures, etc.

Quote: LKCE provided us an Enviroment to think beyond Text books and develop concepts by acquiring knowledge through interaction with specialized learning materials.

Consultancy Works

LKCE encourages its faculty to undertake consultancy work through which the faculty contributes toward the industrial growth, strengthen institute-industry interface and enrich their professional experience. Currently our institute is offering Civil Engineering consultancy services in Surveying, Structural Designing, Town Planning, Testing of materials for construction. Our recent project of survey plotting and town planning was held at Basti BawaKhel (Nagra) and its cost Rs. 13 lakhs approximately.

Innovation Club

Innovation Club is formed to encourage the young minds to show up with innovative & useful ideas. The objective is to enable the students to be aware of their inner potential and cultivate creativityas well as innovative thinking by proactive academic activities and research. The Vision of the group is to provide the best opportunity to the students to attain technical excellence in the field of Engineering and Emerging Technologies and to develop a comprehensive and integrated personality.

Under this club, the following Innovative projects were undertaken by the various engineering departments:

  • Internal Combustion Engine of two stroke and four stroke vehicles
  • Water level indicator
  • Traffic Light Controller
  • Mosquito Repellers
  • Dual Tone Multifrequency Decoder
  • Lie Detector

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