B.Voc in Building Construction and Technology

"We shape our buildings and Thereafter they shape Us"

Winston Churchill

The vision of the department is in consonance with the institutional vision in terms of becoming center of study, promoting society and ethical values. It is a recognized leader in Building Construction and Technology, education and learning experience.

.  To teach the students fundamentals required to succeed as a technician.
.  To install intangible values like professionalism, confidence, teamwork and accountablity.
.  To present the opportunity to advance our student's career through relevant meaningful shop experience.

Eligibility Criteria and No. of seats.

The candidate should have qualified 10+2. The total number of seats available are 25 for the B.Voc courses.

Why to choose B.Voc ?

.  Prepares students for roles in management functions such as project     management, estimating, and scheduling.
.  Provides the basic engineering principles and technical skills necessary to help     engineers and other professionals supervise the construction of buildings and     other structures.
.  To prepare graduates for roles in managing manpower, machinery, materials     and money, maintenance of buildings and assets in the civil infrastructure.
.  Provides flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple     exit points.
.  Curriculum is designed to instill more practical skills, job training, project     development to make student employable.
.  Collaboration with Industry to make students Industry Ready

Multiple exit options:

This course offers multiple exit options on the completion of First, Second and Third Year respectively as:-

.  On the completion of 1st year Diploma (IKG-PTU)
.  On the completion of 2nd year Advance Diploma (IKG-PTU)
.  On the completion of 3rd year Degree (IKG-PTU)

Career Prospective

Vocational or skill based education is becoming more and more significant with the passing time. B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocation) is an emerging course in India that aims in providing adequate skills required for a particular trade to candidates. It deals more with application based studies rather than focusing on only theoretical knowledge. The career opportunities in this course are as follows:
.  Drafts Man
.  Concrete Mix Designer
.  Project Manager
.  Construction Site Engineer
.  Site Supervisor
.  Building Surveyor
.  Technical Report Writer

Scope of Employment
.  Academic and training Institutes
.  Construction Project Management Companies
.  Civil Consultancy Services
.  Construction Companies