B.Tech in Civil Engineering

"Architects and engineers are among the most fortunate of men since they build their own monuments with public consent, public approval and often public money."

John Prebble

The vision of the department is in consonance with the institutional vision in terms of becoming center of study, promoting society and ethical values. It is a recognized leader in civil engineering, education and learning experience.

.  To serve the society by providing industrial oriented education to its students for a successful professional career.
.  To inculcate professional ethics through quality and modern construction practices.
.  To promote moral and ethical values among students

Eligibility Criteria and No. of seats.

The candidate should have qualified 10+2 or should be diploma holder. The total number of seats available are 30 for the CE department.

Programme Educational Objectives:

.  Graduates will have thorough knowledge in sub fields of Civil Engineering so     that they can expertize themselves in the field of Civil Engineering. The     programme covers the design as well as field knowledge of Civil Engineering.
.  Graduates would be motivated to works collaboratively on various disciplinary     projects so as to engage them in practical learning process that will help them     to achieve their professional goals.
.  Graduates will have upper hand in designing so as to make them able to     participate in creative, synthetic and integrative activities of Civil Engineering.
.  Graduates will have good communication skills so that they can able to express     their ideas clearly and confidently.
.  To create the curiosity, desire and ability to learn throughout the life among     Graduates so that they will be competent enough to pursue-higher education in     technical or management field.

Career Prospective

Civil Engineering is the key to many of the issues affecting our lives today. Civil engineers solve problems, design, build and maintain our living and working spaces. They design a new stadium, work on a local by-pass or railway line, assess a damaged structure and manage a multi-million pound construction project.

.  Civil Engineering Consultants/Contractors.
.  Constructions of Bridges, Dams, Roads, Harbors, Sewer, Pipelines & Other     Structures.
.  Survey, Design, Costing, Estimating, Traffic Studies, Draughting, Materials     Investigation and testing.