B.Sc Medical Lab Sciences

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."


The vision of the department is in consonance with the institutional vision in terms of becoming center of study, promoting society and ethical values. It is a recognized leader as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, education and learning experience.

.  Study emphasis on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.
.  Aims to equip Medical Laboratory Scientists with current knowledge.
.  To impart skills for analysing laboratory with quality checks.

Eligibility Criteria and No. of seats.

The candidate should have qualified 10+2(Med. or Non-Med.). The total number of seats available are 30.

Career Opportunities

.  Military Services
.  Colleges & Universities
.  Blood Donor Centre
.  Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Industries
.  Scientific and Research Development Services
.  Academic Institutions
.  Hospitals
.  Clinics
.  Government Agencies
.  Biotechnology Companies

Career Prospective

B.Sc (Medical Lab Sciences) is concerned with with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. Hence they can get job opportunities in these specialised fields:

.  Medical Officer
.  Medical Services Associate
.  Resident Medical Officer
.  Research Associate
.  Medical Technologist
.  Medical coder
.  Laboratory Testing Manager
.  Laboratory Manager
.  Healthcare counsellor