Department of Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 10+2

No of seats: 60

Mechanical Engineering has been the medium through which the single most important socio-economic revolution known as the Industrial Revolution had found its expression in the 19th century. The steam engine of James Watt and associated influx of mechanical devices and machines have changed the mode of life all over the world from the agrarian to the industrial. Over the last century Mechanical Engineering has ushered in enormous convenience and facilities for mankind. Because of the higher level of instrumentation, automation and computerization of the products and processes there has been an enormous development and refinement in manufacturing technology. Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts to large systems.

Programme Objectives:

  • To develop technical human resources of excellence, suitable for global requirement through knowledge of Applied Sciences and Communication, Engineering and Technological Concepts.
  • To identify, formulate and solve Engineering problems.
  • To design, conduct Experimental studies, Interpet and Analyze data and find the Optimum Solutions.
  • To conceptualize and design the Mechanical Systems or processes that meet the desired goals.
  • To use Modern Engineering Software tools and equipments to solve the mechanical engineering problems
  • To generate Industry- Institute Synergy for shaping technical education to meet the requirements of modern industry.

Scope of Employment:

  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Product Engineering Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Telecom Industry
  • Maintenance Industry
  • Power Generation Industry
  • Infrastructure Industry

Admission Guidelines and Procedure

Eligibility Criteria for admission to Ist Semester

  • All those candidates who have passed the 10+2 examination from a board recognized or established by central/state government through a legislation with Physics and Mathematics  as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects:

Chemistry, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Biology.

  • The candidates who have passed two years certificate course from Sant Longowal Institute of  Engineering and Technology, Longowal (SLIET) shall be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria for admission to 3rd Semester through Lateral Entry

  • All those candidates who have passed Diploma examination from an AICTE approved institution & have obtained at least 45% marks (40% in case of reserved category) in appropriate branch of Engineering / Technology shall be eligible to apply.
  • All those candidates who have passed B.Sc. degree from an recognized University as defined by UGC, with at least 45% marks (40% in case of reserved category) and passed 10+2 standard with mathematics as a subject shall be eligible to apply subject to passing the Engineering Graphics/ Engineering Drawing and Engineering Mechanics subjects of the first year Engineering program along with second year subjects.   

Documents Required for Admission

  • Original certificates and mark sheets of previous examination passed i.e. 10th, 10+2/Diploma.
  • Attested Xerox copies of these documents along with the completed admission form.
  • Residence Certificate
  • Latest 5 Passport Size coloured Photographs.
  • Migration Certificate.
  • Character Certificate issued by Principal/Competent Authority of the last Institute attended.
  • Undertaking of Gap period if applicable.
  • Ragging Affidavit attested by Notary.

Documents Required for availing Post-Matric scholarship for SC/BC Category candidates from Punjab State

  • Caste certificate(SC/BC/OBC)
  • Income Certificate
  • Photocopy of Bank passbook showing Account no. and IFSC code.


  • Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory

    Students learns AUTOCAD software in this lab. They learn how to draw various basic elements like point, line, circle, arc, spline, polygon, rectangle etc on computer. Also learn how to join these entities to make a complete object.

  • Engineering Materials & Metallurgy Lab

    This course is designed to develop fundamental concepts of crystallography, phase transformation and heat treatment processes. The students will learn the atomic structure of metals, imperfections, diffusion mechanisms and theories of plastic deformation. They will also understand equilibrium diagrams, time-temperature transformation curves and heat treatment processes. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to understand the concepts of crystal structure, microstructure and deformation. They will also be able to understand the phase diagrams which are useful for design and control of heat treating processes.

  • Strength of Materials Lab

    This Lab contains various machines like universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, spring stiffness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell Hardness tester, impact testing machine etc. by operating these machines students get practical knowledge about compressive stress and strain, tensile stress and strain, stress-strain curve, bending stresses, stiffness, impact loading and harness number of various materials.

  • Applied Thermodynamics Lab

    This course is designed for comprehensive study of combustion and thermal aspects in internal combustion engines, steam power plants and its allied components. This will enable the students to understand combustion phenomenon and thermal analysis of steam power plant components. The students will be able to identify, track and solve various combustion problems and evaluate theoretically the performance of various components involved in steam power plants and internal combustion engines.

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

    This course is designed for the undergraduate mechanical engineering students to develop an understanding of the behavior of fluids at rest or in motion and the subsequent effects of the fluids on the boundaries as the mechanical engineers has to deal with fluids in various applications. This course will also develop analytical abilities related to fluid flow. It is expected that students will be able to have conceptual understanding of fluids and their properties, apply the analytical tools to solve different types of problems related to fluid flow in pipes, design the experiments effectively and do the prototype studies of different types of machines and phenomenon.

  • Theory of Machines Lab

    With the help of this course students learn the basic concepts of kinematic aspects of mechanical machines and major parts used in running of the machines. The students will understand the basic concepts of machines and able to understand constructional and working features of important machine elements. The students are also able to understand various parts involved in kinematics of machines for different applications. The students shall also be able to understand requirements of basic machine parts which would help them to understand the design aspects of the machine parts.


  • Manufacturing Processes Lab

    This Lab covers the practical aspects of various manufacturing processes like centering, turning, facing, tapping, grinding, milling, etc. This lab helps to understand the behavior of tool-work piece in action, mechanism of machine and mechanism of chip removal. This Lab is equipped with various Lathe Machines, Milling Machine, Shaper, Planer, Drilling Machine, Surface Grinding Machine etc.

  • Industrial Automation and Robotics Lab

    This Lab is equipped with various Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits. Students get knowledge about how the automation in industry is done and what are the tedious tasks completed in simplified ways by the use of robots in industry.

  • Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab

    This Lab is equipped with Digital Profile Projector of MITUTOYO, JAPAN along with other measurement devices and apparatus. With the help of various measuring devices like vernier calipers, screw gauge, students can measure the dimensions of various engineering components with great accuracy. Digital Profile Projector is used measure and analyze the design profile of various components by enlarging its view.

  • Automobile Engg. Lab

    Equipped with Maruti 800 cc car along with other apparatus. Students gets familiar with various body parts of an automobile. They also get complete knowledge about various fuel supply systems, suspension systems, engine working, ignition systems, braking systems, power-train and transmission systems.

  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab

    Equipped with latest version of SOLID WORKS SOFTWARE. With the help of this software students can easily design the various mechanical components and understand the mechanical behavior of components in working conditions.

  • CNC Lab

    CNC Lab is equipped with fully automatic CNC Machine. Students learn various commands and then operate the CNC machine.

  • Fluid Machinery Lab

    Fluid Machinery Lab equipped with Pelton, Francis and Kaplan Turbines along with other apparatus. Students learn the mechanism of the fluid in action. Students learn the mechanism behind turbine operation. They also get knowledge about the working of other hydraulic devices and apparatus.

  • Heat Transfer Lab

    Heat Transfer Lab equipped with latest equipments like Thermal conductivity of insulating slab, Drop wise and Film wise condensation apparatus etc. with the help of these apparatus students get knowledge about the practical application of conduction, convection and radiation phenomenon.

Workshop in Mechanical Engg. Deptt.

At LKCE, we have a modern workshop facility which supports the teaching, project and research activities of the college. The Workshop is being run by experienced Workshop Superintendent and dedicated Workshop Instructors. The workshop has the following shops:-

  • Machine Shop

    Consists of various Lathe Machines, Shaper, Planer, Drilling Machine, Surface Grinding Machine etc. Students learn the basic working of these machines and various operations performed on the machines.

  • Carpentry Shop

    Consists of all the necessary machines and tools. Students learn to operate the carpentry tools.

  • Fitting Shop

    Consists of all the necessary machines and tools.

  • Welding Shop

    Consists of Spot Welding apparatus, Electric Arc Welding apparatus, Oxy-Acetylene Welding apparatus, MIG Welding apparatus, TIG Welding apparatus along with necessary tools. Students learn how to join various parts with welding.

  • Electronics and Electrical Shop

    Consists of all the necessary apparatus. Students get knowledge about various electrical and electronics components and their assembly.

  • Smithy Shop

    Consists of open hearth furnace. Students learn how to reshape the material to desired form.

  • Foundry Shop

    Consists of all foundry apparatus and tools. Also contains various sand testing devices. Students learn to make the mould with the help of pattern and moulding sand afterwards casting is done by melting aluminum.

  • CNC Lab

    Equipped with fully automatic CNC Machine. This machine is executed with various codes and performs machining over wide range of material. This machine is extensively used in industry and students are trained to operate CNC.

If you want a career where you can research and help solve important problems for developing a marketable product, the Applied Sciences Lab at LKCE is the place to start

Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Sukhraj Singh Ph.D H.O.D/Associate Professor
Er. Navdeep Singh Ph.D (Scholar) Assistant Professor
Er. Sartaj Singh Cheema M.Tech Assistant Professor
Er. Gagandeep Singh M.Tech Assistant Professor
Er. Sarbrinder Pal Singh Randhawa M.E. (Production Engineer) Assistant Professor
Er. Aman Sharma M.Tech Assistant Professor
Er. Yadwinder Singh M.Tech Assistant Professor
Er. Harmanpreet Singh M.Tech Assistant Professor
Er. Gobind Pal M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr. Gurjeet Kumar M.P.Ed Assistant Professor
Mr. Tarun Sharma Diploma Workshop Instructor
Mr. Harpreet Singh Diploma Workshop Instructor
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Diploma Workshop Instructor
Mr. Surinder Kumar Diploma Workshop Instructor
Mr. Prem Chand Diploma Lab Technician
Mr. Gurpal Singh Diploma Lab Technician

Guest lecture by Dr. Harpreet Singh Grewal

On 07th October 2016, Dr. Harpreet Singh Grewal, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Mechanical Engg., Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida, delivered a guest lecture on the topic "Importance of Tribology in Mechanical Engg.". Dr. Grewal discussed his research work in the field of Tribology. Faculty and under-graduate students of Mechanical Engg., Deptt., gained knowledge from Dr. Grewal's vast experience. Dr. Sukhraj Singh, HOD Mechanical Engg., Deptt., said that to keep technically update the Faculty and Students, these types of expert lectures are conducted timely in deptt.

Dr. Y. S. Randhawa, Director, LKCE congratulated the deptt. for this effort.

Training and Placement drive

Mechanical department students on Training and Placement drive Majestic auto ltd. At Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.

Educational Industrial visit at GNA Duraparts, Mehtiana

On 6th November 2015, Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an industrial visit of the Fifth semester Mechanical Engineering students to GNA Duraparts Mehtiana. The purpose of visit was to enhance the practical technical skills related to the latest CNC technology used in manufacturing industry. Advanced CAM technology was practically explained by the experts of GNA Duraparts. Er. Gagandeep Singh and Er. Navdeep Singh accompanied the students and guided them about the future prospects of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Sukhraj Singh, HOD Department of Mechanical Engineering said these types of visits are necessary to aware the students about the latest technology being used by industry.

Guest lecture by Dr. Jagdev Singh

On 18th September 2015, Dr. Jagdev Singh, Associate Professor, Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur, delivered a guest lecture on the topic "Applied Thermodynamics — Need of Thermodynamics Processes" and cleared the air for the students who were enlightened on various topics of Applied Thermodynamics. The need of basic processes was opened up in detail as per their applications. The aim of the lecture was to make the students capable of interpreting the primary terms which Applied Thermodynamics incorporates. The topics which we discussed vividly were- Different approach to basic topics and Practical applications of Applied Thermodynamics.

The enthusiasm and the interest with which the things were unveiled was one experience to cherish for long time to come for both the students as well as the faculty.

Celebrating Engineers day — Commemorating Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

On 15th September, 2015, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lyallpur Khalsa College of Engineering celebrated Engineer's Day to commemorate the 155th birthday of Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, an Indian engineer, scholar, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore from 1912 to 1918. He was the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad in Telangana, as well as the chief engineer responsible for the construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore.

On this occasion Mr S.S. Chatha (Director Academic Affairs), Dr. Y.S. Randhawa (Director LKCE) congratulated and awarded the winners Simmerjit Singh (Turbo Debate), Ankit Suman(Classic Workshop) and Shubham Khanna (Mind's Eye Drawing) and appreciated the efforts of the department. Dr. Sukhraj Singh (HOD-ME Deptt.) along with the other faculty members concluded the function by encouraging the students for active participation and progress of the institute.

Celebrating Teachers Day

Teachers day was celebrated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lyallpur Khalsa College of Engineering to remember and regard Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Sukhraj Singh, HOD, ME, adrreses the students about the importance of the day, about contributions of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan to Indian society. He also motivates the students to waor hard in studies and to respect & remember their teachers. Students also shared their views on the day's importance.

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